My name is Anj, and I am passionate about becoming an eCommerce expert.

I’m always eager to learn about different eCommerce platforms, such as Amazon, Walmart, Ebay, Etsy, Shopify, and more. By following well-known people in these fields and conducting my own hands-on work and research, I stay up-to-date with the latest updates and strategies.

As someone who loves to learn new things, I’ve proven that I can handle the overall operations of your store. I enjoy problem-solving, and aesthetics is my favorite aspect of the job – I make sure that everything looks great to drive conversion and sales.

So, what can I offer you?

  • Competitor Research

  • Keyword Research

  • Optimization of Backend Search Terms and Alt-Texts

  • Alt-Text Audits

  • PDP Audits

  • Helium 10

  • Daily Account Health Check

  • Daily Late Shipment Monitoring

Weekly Report Creation based on metrics found in:

  • Seller Central

  • Vendor Central

  • Walmart

  • Weekly Ads and CLR Backup

  • Amazon Social Registration/Posting

  • Brand Story Publishing

  • Image/Video Upload

  • Photo Editing using Canva Pro

  • Creating Coupons, Promotions, Prime Day Deals, Vouchers, and more

  • Copywriting:

  • Product Title

  • Bullet Points

  • A+ Content Image

  • Crawlable Texts

  • A+ Content Creation and Publishing (Creating modules and uploading the images per module)

  • Troubleshooting simple cases, like uploaded images not reflecting on PDP, store byline not directing to brand store, A+ Content not going live, up to complex cases such as Brand Name Change or EAN/UPC Change, fixing Stranded Inventory, Reinstatement of Yanked or Suppressed Listings, and more.
  • Full/Partial Update using flat files

  • Delete-Relist of Products

  • Parentage Creation

Work Testimonials

As an Amazon expert, I can do all of this and more. Let's work together to make your eCommerce store a success!

Hello! I’m Anj.